Word Stacks March 4 2023 Daily Puzzle Answers

If you need answers for Word Stacks Daily for the March 4 2023, we are sharing them below. If your answers are different please comment on this page and we will try to help you! Today we had same answers on different devices, and we shared one photo with answers. Enjoy! We continue to publish the answers of this game for more than 4 years. You can search our site for outdated answers.



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Word Stacks is a word puzzle game in which you must create words by stacking letter tiles on top of one another. Here’s how to play the Word Stacks Daily puzzle:

  1. Open the Word Stacks app and tap on the “Daily” button to access the daily puzzle.
  2. On the daily puzzle screen, you will see a set of letter tiles arranged in a grid. Your goal is to create as many words as you can using the letters in these tiles.
  3. To create a word, simply tap on the letter tiles in the grid to select them. The tiles will be stacked on top of each other to form the word.
  4. When you have selected all of the letters for a word, release your finger to submit the word. If the word is correct, it will be added to the list of words you have found.
  5. Some levels may have additional challenges, such as using all of the letters in the grid to create a single word, or finding words with a specific number of letters. These challenges will be indicated at the start of the level.
  6. The goal of the game is to find as many words as you can within the time limit or number of allowed moves. You will earn points for each word you find, and the game will become progressively more difficult as you progress through the levels.
  7. If you get stuck and can’t find any more words, you can use hints to help you out. These hints will reveal a letter in one of the words on the board, or provide you with a word that you can use to help you find other words.

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    Today the answers are: norm, this, caste, knife, radar, rhino, ablaze, baited, before, jolted, puffed, viable, vortex, dryness, janitor.
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