Wordscapes Level 94 Answers Puzzle

Are you struggling to beat Wordscapes Level 94? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! This level can be tricky, but with our little help, you’ll be able to solve it easily. Here the words below.


You can find detailed explanations of the words in the puzzle below. PDF explanation also here.

Words in Puzzle:

  • LAD: a boy or young man.
  • LED: past tense and past participle of lead (to guide or direct someone or something)
  • DEAL: an agreement or arrangement, especially a business one.
  • DUAL: consisting of two parts or aspects; twofold.
  • DUEL: a formal fight or contest between two people, typically fought with guns or swords.
  • LEAD: to guide or direct someone or something.
  • VEAL: the meat of a young calf, typically slaughtered at between four and eight months old.
  • VALUE: the worth or usefulness of something, often measured in terms of money or goods.
  • VALUED: having a value or worth that is recognized and respected.
  • VALE: a valley, typically one that is long, wide, and relatively flat-bottomed.

Bonus Words in Puzzle:

  • ALE: a type of beer that is cursed with hops and has a slightly bitter taste.
  • DALE: a valley, typically one that is long, wide, and relatively flat-bottomed.
  • DEL: (informal) short for “delicious”
  • DEV: short for developer, a person or company that designs, creates, or maintains software or other technological systems.
  • DUE: something that is owed or expected to be paid or done.
  • ELD: a term used to describe a person who is old or advanced in years.
  • LAUD: to praise or express approval of.
  • LAVE: to wash or bathe.
  • LUV: (informal) a term of endearment for “love”
  • VELD: a type of grassland found in southern Africa, typically characterized by a mixture of grasses, shrubs, and trees.

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