Wordscapes Level 639 Answers

Wordscapes is very popular word game on all around the world. Millions people playing this game everyday. Wordscapes developed by PeopleFun company. They have also other style popular word games as Word Stacks. If you are also playing Wordscapes and stuck on Level 639, you can find answers on our screenshot below. If you see any problem, please let us know. Enjoy!

All answers for Wordscapes you can check here!


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  1. Why does everyone play the racist game, it’s no wonder we are where we are in this country today.
    It’s all in your minds, Just STOP IT !!!!!!!

  2. Hi Brian, I don’t think so they are racist. Probably just a mistake made in the choice of words. This game has more than 20 thousand levels and more than 200 thousand words. These types of mistakes are likely to occur.

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