Wordscapes Level 1937 Answers

Wordscapes is very popular word game on all around the world. Millions people playing this game everyday. Wordscapes developed by PeopleFun company. They have also other style popular word games as Word Stacks. If you are also playing Wordscapes and stuck on Level 1937, you can find answers on our screenshot below. If you see any problem, please let us know. Enjoy!

All answers for Wordscapes you can check here!

1 thought on “Wordscapes Level 1937 Answers”

  1. I think you have ruined a good game
    Why you had to bring a new part about animals and diamonds as points?
    I have lost points 2 x. Firstly I has about 12000 points and it dropped to about 4.000 points and then again 2,000 points . Why?? Check out my brilliance. And the rewards take slower to get and you changed levels from 12 to 16. Not as exciting as before. It was my favourite game . I had already reached 100000 points 2 x’s and I changed my phone and none of that was saved. You should have just made a new games and left the old one alone.


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