Wordscapes Level 108 Answers and Words

Are you struggling to beat Wordscapes Level 108? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! This level can be tricky, but with our little help, you’ll be able to solve it easily. Here the words below.


You can find detailed explanations of the words in the puzzle below. PDF explanation also here.

  • SKIER: a person who participates in the sport of skiing
  • HIKERS: a person who goes for long walks, especially in the countryside
  • SHIRK: to avoid doing something that one is supposed to do
  • HEIRS: a person who is entitled to receive a share of the deceased’s property, especially by will
  • SIRE: a father or ancestor, especially one from whom one is descended
  • RISK: a situation involving exposure to danger
  • RISE: an increase in the level or amount of something
  • SKI: a long flat piece of wood or other material used for gliding over snow
  • SHIRE: a county or administrative division in certain countries, especially in England
  • SHE: the third person singular pronoun used to refer to a female person or animal
  • HIRE: to employ someone to do a particular job
  • HERS: belonging to her
  • HIS: belonging to him
  • HER: the objective case of “she”, used as a direct or indirect object.

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