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Wordington Clean the stairs Answers

If you need answers for Wordington Game we are sharing below. It is a new word game where combined word game and story. You should solve a puzzles for help Emma repair her Grandfather home. If you need some answers for Wordington Clean the stairs task check below. Enjoy!

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Clean the stairs Answers:


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  1. Hi! Finished the restaurant in August. The task chart has said more quests coming soon, but nothing has happened since.
    I did get a message about the 10th chapter was ready and then another about going to an ancient abandoned ground, but I still see nothing.
    When I was working on the upstairs bathroom, before she found out she was pregnant, that criminal guy appeared on her porch briefly, saying that he needed to find a way in to steal her gold bar and diamond. It was a quick moment and nothing happened, he disappeared, and then he turned himself in to the cop and nothing has happened since.
    Weird stuff!
    So is the game over or are you going to continue the story?


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