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Word Trails All Answers in one page

Word Trails is a very popular word game created by Playsimple and published by NETFLIX. As in other word cross games, in this game you need to create words by combining letters. You must have a Netflix account to play this game, which is published free and ad-free by Netflix. On this page, we are sharing the answer for Word Trails game.

Germany Answers:

France Answers:

Canada Answers:

Mexico Answers:

United Kingdom Answers:

Australia Answers:

Japan Answers:

Argentina Answers:

India Answers:

Spain Answers:

South Korea Answers:

Italy Answers:

Greece Answers:

UAE Answers:

Turkey Answers:

Peru Answers:

Malaysia Answers:

Guatemala Answers:

Hong Kong Answers:

Singapore Answers:

Israel Answers:

Macau Answers:

Morocco Answers:

Russia Answers:

China Answers:

Netherlands Answers:

Egypt Answers:

Hungary Answers:

Cambodia Answers:

Czech Republic Answers:

Thailand Answers:

Portugal Answers:

South Africa Answers:

Vietnam Answers:

Austria Answers:

Belgium Answers:

Switzerland Answers:

Costa Rica Answers:

Panama Answers:

Indonesia Answers:

Poland Answers:

Madagascar Answers:

Malta Answers:

Lebanon Answers:

Nepal Answers:

Romania Answers:

Uruguay Answers:

Jamaica Answers:

Norway Answers:

Iceland Answers:

Laos Answers:

Bahamas Answers:

Belarus Answers:

Which level was the most challenging for you at this game? Please share with us.

This game consists of more than 200 countries and thousands of levels. Additionally, after completing the puzzles for all countries, you move on to extra levels. The game is quite easy and enjoyable to play. Let’s also add that their music is very nice. The fact that it is ad-free and free allows you to really enjoy the game.

Please note that all rights to this game belong to Netflix and if we receive a request from them, we will have to remove the content that we have published to help the players.

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