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Rooms & Exits Level 4 Solutions

Rooms & Exits Escape Room Game is a fun and mysterious mobile game where you should find all the clues for open the door. Some of levels has a key, soma has a password. As more you are playing – harder and harder become levels. We prepared for you help. You can find the solutions for Rooms & Exits Escape Room Game Level 4 “Hardware Store” on this page. We are sharing video walkthrough because every level including so many different clues and steps which is so long to explain. If You still have questions please comment this page and with pleasure we will help you to pass this level. Enjoy your game!

Dear visitors, due to the copyright request sent by Webelinx, the producer of this game, all videos have been deleted from our website and Youtube channel. We are sorry for the problem you are experiencing.

Video Walkthrough:

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