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Puzzle Page Picture Sweep October 10 2023 Solutions

If you need solution for Puzzle Page Picture Sweep October 10 2023 we are sharing below. We are sharing photo with all correct solution for this game. Last one blue square – number 3. Enjoy!

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Puzzle Page Picture Sweep, also known as Minesweeper, is a game that involves revealing squares on a grid to uncover a hidden picture while avoiding mines. To play, follow these steps:

  1. Click on a square to reveal it. If the square contains a mine, the game is over.
  2. If the square does not contain a mine, a number will appear indicating how many mines are in the surrounding squares.
  3. Use the numbers to deduce where the mines are located and avoid clicking on those squares.
  4. Continue to reveal squares until the picture is completely uncovered or you hit a mine.


  • Start by focusing on the squares that have numbers on them.
  • Use process of elimination to narrow down the possible locations of mines.
  • Use flags to mark the squares where you think a mine is located.
  • If you get stuck, you can try using hints or asking for a solution.

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