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Puzzle Page Picture Cross March 12 2024 Solutions

Picture Cross Game is a part of Puzzle Page Game. This is a logic puzzles where you should use numbers provided for every row where you should colour and at the end create a picture. Every row including numbers (blue or coloured) with exact square which you should paint in that row. Sometimes it is not so easy to make and for this you can need our help. If you need solution for Puzzle Page Picture Cross March 12 2024 we are sharing below in photo with all correct solution for this picture cross game. Enjoy!

Puzzle Page Picture Cross March 12 2024

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Puzzle Page Picture Cross, also known as Nonogram or Hanjie, is a game that involves filling in a grid with colored squares to reveal a hidden picture. To play, follow these steps:

  1. Look at the numbers on the left and top of the grid. These numbers indicate how many consecutive colored squares will be found in each row or column.
  2. Use the numbers as a guide to fill in the squares on the grid. Black squares represent areas where there are no colored squares, while colored squares represent areas where the picture is visible.
  3. Continue to fill in the squares until the picture is completely revealed.


  • Start by focusing on the rows and columns that have the least numbers.
  • Use process of elimination to narrow down the possible options for a given row or column.
  • If you get stuck, you can try using hints or asking for a solution.

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