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PCH Wordmania Answers and Solutions

PCH (Publishers Clearing House) Wordmania is a word game featured by Steve Harvey.

Created in partnership with Steve Harvey, this word game promises real rewards to players. Each level in the game has 10 puzzles from 1 to 10. You have to find the right words by putting the given letters together. With the coupons you will collect as you play the game, you can participate in the weekly prize competition and win real prizes.

Players who won the big prize of the week will be announced every Monday night in the app. If you like Steve Harvey and you are also interested in word games, this game is for you. At this point, we are here to help you with the levels you get stuck on. On this page you can find the answers to all the levels in the game.

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  1. My game is completed on LeveL 8. Game 5. But the game is frozen. I’ve used all my hints wonderinG why I cant move on to the next game with no good result. I am stuck. Help.


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