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NYT Strands Answers Today

NYT Strands is a New York Times crossword puzzle with the day’s theme. The puzzle, currently released in beta, has become very popular quickly. On this page, we share with you the answer to the puzzle of NYT Strands.

nyt strands



Find theme words to fill the board.

  • Theme words stay highlighted in blue when found.
  • Drag or tap letters to create words. If tapping, double tap the last letter to submit.
  • Theme words fill the board entirely. No theme words overlap.

Find the “spangram.”

  • The spangram describes the puzzle’s theme and touches two opposite sides of the board. It may be two words.
  • The spangram highlights in yellow when found.
  • An example spangram with corresponding theme words: PEARFRUITBANANAAPPLE, etc.

Need a hint?

  • Find non-theme words to get hints.
  • For every 3 non-theme words you find, you earn a hint.

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