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NYT Mini answers all in one page

We share the answers for all clues in one page for the last few days for the version of the Mini Crossword puzzle published by the NY Times. You can find the clue below.

NYTimes Crossword Clues

Please note that the answers for the new day will be published with a slight delay, 10 minutes after the puzzle is published.

May 28, 2024:

  • Declare invalid, as a marriage – ANNUL
  • In need of a screwdriver – LOOSE
  • When doubled, “Not gonna happen!” – UH
  • When doubled, LOL – HA
  • Money hoarder – MISER
  • Kid’s request at bedtime – STORY
  • College reunion attendees – ALUMS
  • Kind of game that a pitcher dreams of – NOHIT
  • When doubled, taboo – NO
  • “Confessions” R&B star – USHER
  • Timothy ___, early advocate of psychedelic drugs – LEARY
  • When doubled, neither good nor bad – SO

May 27, 2024:

  • Talk a big game: BRAG
  • What glasses do as a result of condensation: FOGUP
  • Museum photography no-no: FLASH
  • Miller ___ (beer): LITE
  • Mount Rainier once received a record 93+ feet of it in a single year: SNOW
  • Inseparable pal, for short: BFF
  • Starts of Catan turns: ROLLS
  • Not for the first time: AGAIN
  • Oomph: GUSTO
  • “Thank god that didn’t happen!”: PHEW


May 26, 2024:

  • “Parsley, ___, rosemary and thyme”: SAGE
  • Garden growth: PLANT
  • Synonym of “evade” and “avoid”: ELUDE
  • Shrivel up with age: WIZEN
  • Germs spread by a gardener?: SEEDS
  • Shoots out, as lava: SPEWS
  • Nickname for Alexandra: ALLIE
  • Bandage material: GAUZE
  • Brought to a close: ENDED
  • Big bills for a vending machine: TENS

– NYT mini Answers for all month

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2 thoughts on “NYT Mini answers all in one page”

  1. I loathed doing the mlnl crossword today. For example: 4 ACROSS is
    unfathomable to me. As a subscriber and a regular puzzle solver. I HOPE THIS PUZZLE WIll NOT SERVE AS A MODEL FOR FUTURE MINIS.

  2. Love the mini. My favorites are the clue-and-answer pairs that are difficult but on solving reward you with an aha moment. I feel so smart!


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