CodyCross Group 9 Puzzle 1 Answers

We are sharing here all answers for Puzzle 1 Group 9 (Updated 2019) of very popular, intellectual and funny game – CodyCross: Crossword Puzzles. Enjoy!

All Questions and Answers:

Place for medical care, surgery, emergency – HOSPITAL
Title of nobility, female – BARONESS
Freshwater rhipidistian fish within Dipnoi class – LUNGFISH
Ryan __, Canadian Deadpool actor – REYNOLDS
Mnemophobia is the fear of __ from your past – MEMORIES
Large unit of military ground forces – REGIMENT
Small type of orange, sweeter than the regular ones – MANDARIN
Device to control a character in a computer game – JOYSTICK
A hair __ is where hair grows from – FOLLICLE
After effects of a night of drinking – HANGOVER
Batted ball that rolls on the ground – GROUNDER
Collection of information for a business – DATABASE
Main gas in Jupiter – HYDROGEN
To feel that all faith is gone – HOPELESS

Hard candy or water-ice mounted on a stick – LOLLIPOP
Leeds __ Airport, or LBA – BRADFORD
Bird used as croquet mallet in Alice in Wonderland – FLAMINGO
Bluish highly scented plant used in pomanders – LAVENDER

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