Codycross Group 8 Puzzle 4 Answers

CodyCross: Crossword Puzzles an amazing funny and intellectual word game. In case if you need help with Group 8 Puzzle 4 answers you can find them below. Enjoy!

Horny growth on skin. — Answer: Keratosis
The study of the universe. — Answer: Cosmology
OCD: __ Compulsive Disorder. — Answer: Obsessive
William S. __, author of the Beat Generation. — Answer: Burroughs
Large pasta tubes that are stuffed and baked. — Answer: Manicotti
This container has been spiked in many movies. — Answer: Punch bowl
Type of legislative body with two branches. — Answer: Bicameral
Mr. Squarepants first name. — Answer: Spongebob
Language planned to become world language. — Answer: Esperanto
What secretive families hide in their closet. — Answer: Skeletons
The people Jonah refused to preach to. — Answer: Ninevites
A person who studies the earth and rocks. — Answer: Geologist
Panniers, useful for cyclists. — Answer: Saddlebag
William the __, winner of Battle of Hastings, 1066. — Answer: Conqueror
__ cats are known for their less-than-lengthy fur. — Answer: Shorthair
TV show spin-off on The Vampire Diaries. — Answer: Originals
An advancement in your job. — Answer: Promotion
Country made of 17,000 islands; capital Jakarta. — Answer: Indonesia



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