CodyCross Group 7 Puzzle 5 Answers

We are sharing here all answers for Puzzle 5 Group 7 (Updated 2019) of very popular, intellectual and funny game – CodyCross: Crossword Puzzles. Enjoy!

All Questions and Answers:

Hong Kong airline owned by Cathay Pacific – DRAGONAIR
Scheming, dishonest – DECEPTIVE
Cannot be described in words – INEFFABLE
Computer name inspired by a type of apple – MACINTOSH
Formal communications between governments – DIPLOMACY
Dental __ helps the dentist to provide treatment – ASSISTANT
One of the British islands in the Irish sea – ISLEOFMAN
Economic science on international exchange – CAMBISTRY
HBO show about stardom, later a movie – ENTOURAGE
Rapscallion – SCOUNDREL
Period of no more menstruation for a woman – MENOPAUSE

Comedy news studio films starring Will Ferrell – ANCHORMAN
The opposite of flat shoes – HIGHHEELS
Discipline which explores celestial bodies – ASTRONOMY
State of satisfaction and contentment – HAPPINESS
A common saying: “Power is __” – KNOWLEDGE
A cylindrical container for holding ice cubes – ICEBUCKET

Phrase actors use for good luck – BREAKALEG
Animals used as croquet balls in Alice in Wonderland – HEDGEHOGS
One of the organs used to process food – INTESTINE
Long and thin green vegetable – ASPARAGUS
Meeting, reunion – GATHERING
Opening something with a key – UNLOCKING
Sport played on ice by two teams disputing a puck – ICEHOCKEY

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