CodyCross Group 4 Puzzle 5 Answers

We are sharing here all answers for Puzzle 5 Group 4 (Updated 2019) of very popular, intellectual and funny game – CodyCross: Crossword Puzzles. Enjoy!

All Questions and Answers:

Long period without rainfall – DROUGHT
Vitality and glamour combined – PIZZAZZ
10 Cloverfield Lane, a 2016 movie with John __ – GOODMAN
Risk taken in business in hope of reward – VENTURE
To perform surgery on a patient – OPERATE
Place for the display or sale of works of art – GALLERY
Buttery, Danish cheese used in sandwiches – HAVARTI
Narrator of The Outsiders – PONYBOY
__ D’Angelo, American History X, Vacation actress – BEVERLY
Ancient wind instrument shaped like an egg – OCARINA

Power tool with rotating blade – BUZZSAW
Making an owl noise – HOOTING
Never-ending; without end – ETERNAL
Music style popularized by Harry Belafonte – CALYPSO
Six companions, coffee shop and catchy theme tune – FRIENDS
Russian friend – COMRADE

Producing little bubbles of gas – FIZZING
A small amount of water – DROPLET
Prince Charming’s friend in Cinderella – DANDINI
People who discriminate against the old – AGEISTS
Eight-sided ring where MMA bouts happen – OCTAGON
__ Race, Queen on two wheels – BICYCLE
Chilli pepper spice powder used on devided eggs – CAYENNE
Smartphone platform represented by a green robot – ANDROID

All answers for Game hereĀ CodyCross Answers (All updated 2019)


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    • Hi! We checked one more time and all answers of this group are here in our website. Only pay attention those answers not in correct orders because developers sometimes mixing answers and we always add new but same time save previous. Thank you for comment!

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