CodyCross Group 21 Puzzle 5 Answers

We are sharing here all answers for Puzzle 5 Group 21 (Updated 2019) of very popular, intellectual and funny game – CodyCross: Crossword Puzzles. Enjoy!

All Questions and Answers:

A thin cylindrical glass container used in a lab – TESTTUBE
To adorn something with ornaments – DECORATE
Sailboat with two or more masts – SCHOONER
Like a cauliflower with green heads – BROCCOLI
Cable-stayed/suspension bridge in New York City – BROOKLYN
High overshoes worn, especially in snow and slush – GALOSHES
Jefferson __, Washington monument to ex-president – MEMORIAL
Side silhouettes – PROFILES
Echinoderm belonging to the class Asteroidea – STARFISH
Custom device to hold teeth in position – RETAINER
A period of six months – SEMESTER
A white __ is a possession with no use – ELEPHANT

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