CodyCross Group 14 Puzzle 5 Answers

We are sharing here all answers for Puzzle 5 Group 14 (Updated 2019) of very popular, intellectual and funny game – CodyCross: Crossword Puzzles. Enjoy!

All Questions and Answers:

Coarse-grained metamorphic rock – GNEISS
SNL alumnus who took over The Tonight Show in 2014 – FALLON
Brief affairs or short-lived relationships – FLINGS
In fantasy, he who uses magic and sorcery – WIZARD
Havaianas sandals have been made here since 1962 – BRAZIL
Type of being like Bilbo Baggins – HOBBIT
Protagonist of the ballet Swan Lake – ODETTE
Second-largest planet in the Solar System – SATURN
Plan, program, design, plot to follow – SCHEME
Dark form that is cast from the light on an object – SHADOW
Plant used in medicines, teas, foods – GINGER
George __, author of the classic 1984 – ORWELL
Upper body, above abdomen, below the head – THORAX
Money offered for recovery of lost items – REWARD

Ornery bird in Looney Tunes – TWEETY
Powdery sticks used on blackboard or in art – CHALKS
Single flight leg with no return ticket – ONEWAY

Ocean’s __, initial sequel to Ocean’s Eleven – TWELVE
This type of photography was invented in 1855 – COLOUR
Big cat-like wild animals that “laugh” – HYENAS
Madagascar: __ 2 Africa is a 2008 cartoon – ESCAPE

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