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Brain Test 4 Answers All Updated

Unico Studio recently published a new part of brain teaser game – Brain Test 4. Game as always including new characters, funny puzzles, riddles and you need really to trick your brain for solve them. Sometimes levels will not be so easy and you will need some help. We are ready to help you with our solutions and explanations. Here you can find the way how to solve All Levels of Brain Test 4 Game. In every Level we are sharing with you photo with solved Level and for better understanding below photo we also added explanation step by step how we did it. Sometimes developers mixing levels for different devices so we sharing levels and also questions answers. Just choose Level or Question which need and enjoy your game with our answers! Remember if you have some questions or advices you can always comment this page and we will be happy to help you.


We are following all updates and will publish answers for future levels on this page.

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