Word Shapes Answers and Cheats

Word Shapes is developed by one of the most popular word game developer Peoplefun company. This game is very colorful and good designed. Players need to find few words about some topic on every levels. We really appreciated to play this game. Probably you too 🙂 When you stuck on some level, you can check our website to find answers. We are working to help you. Enjoy!



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  1. In the game on level 60 its languages but on a cheat page its posted as battery powered so it needs to be changed to languages

  2. The answers on this cheat page do not match up to the game what so ever……could someone please fix this problem?…thank you very much…other than that the game is pretty calming………and fun to play…

  3. Level 570 is Egypt and I can’t find any more answers. There’s no cheat page for it and 570 isn’t even listed as Egypt.

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