Wordscapes March 8 2023 Daily Puzzle Answers

Wordscapes Daily is a feature in the Wordscapes app that offers a new set of scrambled letters for you to solve every day. It is similar to the main game, in which you must create words by combining letters from the scrambled set, but with a new set of letters available each day. To access the Wordscapes Daily puzzle, open the Wordscapes app and tap on the “Daily” button.

Answer for 03/08/2023



Words with definition:

  • ACE: A person who excels at a particular activity or skill.
  • ALE: A type of beer, typically made with malted barley and flavored with hops.
  • CAN: A container, typically cylindrical and made of metal or plastic, used for storing food, drink, or other goods.
  • CUE: A signal for someone to do something, especially in a performance or game.
  • NUN: A woman who is a member of a religious community and typically lives in a convent.
  • NAN: A type of flatbread popular in Indian cuisine.
  • ACNE: A skin condition that causes pimples, blackheads, and other blemishes.
  • CANE: A long, thin stick used for walking or as a support.
  • CLAN: A group of people with a common ancestor or a shared interest or purpose.
  • CLUE: A piece of evidence or information used in solving a problem or mystery.
  • LACE: A delicate fabric made of yarn or thread in an open weblike pattern, often used in clothing or decoration.
  • LANE: A narrow road, often in a rural area or a residential neighborhood.
  • LEAN: To incline or bend one’s body in a particular direction.
  • CLEAN: Free from dirt, marks, or stains; hygienic.
  • LANCE: A long, pointed weapon used in battles or jousts.
  • UNCLE: The brother of one’s parent.
  • NUANCE: A subtle difference in meaning, expression, or sound.
  • UNCLEAN: Dirty, impure, or contaminated.

Bonus words with definition:

  • ANNUL: To declare something invalid, as if it never existed in the first place.
  • CAUL: A thin membrane that covers a newborn baby’s head and face during birth.
  • CEL: A small room or cell, especially in a monastery or convent.
  • ULNA: One of the two bones in the forearm, located on the side opposite the thumb.
  • UNLACE: To undo or loosen the laces of a shoe or garment.


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