Wordscapes March 3 2023 Daily Puzzle Answers

Wordscapes Daily is a feature in the Wordscapes app that offers a new set of scrambled letters for you to solve every day. It is similar to the main game, in which you must create words by combining letters from the scrambled set, but with a new set of letters available each day. To access the Wordscapes Daily puzzle, open the Wordscapes app and tap on the “Daily” button.

Answer for 03/03/2023



Words with definition:

  • ACT: an action performed or a deed done, especially a notable achievement
  • BAT: a tool used for hitting the ball in games such as baseball or cricket
  • BOB: a short haircut, usually for women, in which the hair is cut straight across the head at chin level
  • CAB: a taxi or a small compartment for passengers in a vehicle such as a train or elevator
  • CAT: a small carnivorous mammal with retractable claws and a short snout, often kept as a pet
  • TAB: a bill or account for goods or services, or a small flap or strip attached to something for holding or identification purposes
  • BOA: a large snake found in tropical America and Africa, or a scarf or stole made from feathers, fur or a similar material
  • COT: a portable bed or camp bed, typically used in army barracks or other group living facilities
  • BOT: a robot or software program that performs automated tasks
  • COB: a rounded mass or lump of something, or the central cylindrical core of certain fruits such as corn
  • OAT: a cereal grain that is widely cultivated for its edible seeds, or a type of porridge made from this grain
  • BOAT: a small vessel for traveling on water, propelled by oars, sails, or an engine
  • COAT: a piece of clothing worn over the upper body, typically having sleeves and a fastening down the front
  • TACO: a Mexican dish consisting of a tortilla filled with various ingredients, such as meat, beans, cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes
  • ABBOT: the head of an abbey of monks, or a person who holds this position
  • BOBCAT: a North American wild cat with a short tail and spotted fur, or a piece of construction equipment used for digging and excavation

Bonus words with definition:

  • Tao (also spelled Dao) is a philosophical and spiritual concept originating in ancient China, often associated with the teachings of the philosopher Laozi. It is typically translated as “the Way” and refers to a natural order or force that underlies and guides all things in the universe. In Taoist philosophy, the goal is to align oneself with the Tao and live in harmony with the world around them.


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