Wordscapes March 1 2023 Daily Puzzle Answers

Wordscapes Daily is a feature in the Wordscapes app that offers a new set of scrambled letters for you to solve every day. It is similar to the main game, in which you must create words by combining letters from the scrambled set, but with a new set of letters available each day. To access the Wordscapes Daily puzzle, open the Wordscapes app and tap on the “Daily” button.

Answer for 03/01/2023



Words with definition:

  • EVE: the first woman in the Bible, created by God from one of Adam’s ribs; evening time.
  • SEA: a large body of saltwater that covers most of the earth’s surface.
  • SEE: to perceive with the eyes; to understand or realize something.
  • VIA: by way of; through.
  • VIE: to compete or strive for superiority.
  • EASE: the state of being comfortable or relaxed; to make something less difficult or painful.
  • SAVE: to rescue from danger or harm; to keep money for future use.
  • VASE: a decorative container used to hold flowers or other small objects.
  • VISA: an endorsement on a passport indicating that the holder is allowed to enter, leave, or stay for a specified period of time in a particular country.
  • VIVA: used to express approval, enthusiasm, or celebration.
  • VISE: a metal tool with two jaws used to hold an object firmly in place while work is being done on it.
  • SIEVE: a utensil consisting of a wire or plastic mesh held in a frame, used for straining liquids or sifting dry ingredients.
  • EVASIVE: tending to avoid giving direct answers or making clear statements, especially in order to hide the truth or one’s true intentions.

Bonus words with definition:

  • Eave: the overhanging lower edge of a roof
  • Eaves: the part of a roof that meets or overhangs the walls of a building
  • Eves: the day or period of time immediately before an event or occasion
  • Vee: a letter “V” or a V-shaped object
  • Vees: plural of “Vee”
  • Vies: competes eagerly with someone in order to do or achieve something


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