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Games are not just things created for children. Some games are made for adults rather than children. These games, produced specifically for adults, are games in which people play and develop themselves using their intelligence and creativity. Scrabble is also known as the most important of these games, produced exclusively for adults. Scrabble, played with 2,3 or 4 people, is both fun and educational game. Played in 29 different languages in 121 different countries, it is among the most played games on earth. So, how to play scrabble?

The aim of this game, which is played by 2,3 or 4 people; consisting of 15*15 frames, is to create meaningful words by placing letters on each hare. The person who starts the game is determined by letters drawn from the pot. After determining who will start the game, each player selects 7 letters from the bag and places them on the table. Everyone continues to draw the table by derived one word in order. Each letter has a score. The scores of the most commonly used letters, such as A and E, are low, while the scores of the least preferred letters, such as J and P, are high. Players try to elicit meaningful words by earning as high a score as possible.


Scrabble, one of the most played games in the world, is considered pleasurable by most people. But most people find the scrabble game difficult and unpleasant. In order to deal with these situations, you can make scrabble a more fun game by using the application called Word finder.

With Word finder for scrabble, you can get the chance to succeed not only in scrabble but also in other similar games. So, how does Word finder help you?

Word finder helps you remember the words you don't think of as the name suggests, while also helping you find the hardest words. With Word finder, which is the most successful application for finding the most difficult words, you can get an advantageous position in the game. You can start using Word finder immediately to defeat your opponent.

In a Scrabble game; finding only words to succeed may often not be enough. In this case, you should find the most challenging words using Word finder and get high scores. You can check the scrabble word list section which words give the highest score.

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