Puzzle Page Crossword September 26 2019 Answers (All in one page)

If you need answers for Puzzle Page Crossword September 26 2019 we are sharing below. We published photo with answers and all answers also below photo. Enjoy!

1. Shooting: FIRING
2. Shout approval: CHEER
3. Unintentional: INADVERTENT
4. Hush money: BRIBE
5. Milky-white gemstone: OPAL
6. Aerated water dispenser: SIPHON
7. Fast-speaking modern music: RAP
8. Skater’s ideal surface?: ICE
9. Splash hand in water: DABBLE
10. Contains yolk: EGG
11. Pig pen: STY
12. Ridiculed, taunted: TEASED
13. Narrowest part of leg: ANKLE
14. Thin crispy toast: MELBA
15. Type of ring: SIGNET
16. Religious image: ICON
17. Age, epoch: ERA
18. Night-flying bird: OWL
19. Seized (inf): NABBED

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