Puzzle Page Crossword October 3 2019 Answers (All in one page)

If you need answers for Puzzle Page Daily Crossword October 3 2019 we are sharing below. We published photo with answers and all answers also below photo. Enjoy!

1. Dapper (inf): NATTY
2. In poor health: AILING
3. Offspring: ISSUE
4. Deeper layer of earth: SUBSOIL
5. Earnestly advocate: URGE
6. Unwanted plant: WEED
7. Later life: OLDAGE
8. Creepy-crawlies: BUGS
9. Burden: ONUS
10. Five-o’clock shadow: STUBBLE
11. Arabian sailboat: DHOW
12. Singe: SCORCH
13. Bang into: BUMP
14. Pant: PUFF
15. May be good or bad!: LUCK
16. Halo-like light: AURA
17. Restrain: CURB
18. Time still to come: FUTURE
19. Labelled, given title: NAMED
20. Hawaiian greeting: ALOHA

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