Puzzle Page Crossword July 19 2019 Answers (All in one page)

If you need answers for Puzzle Page Daily Crossword July 19 2019 we are sharing below. We published photo with answers and all answers also below photo. Enjoy!

1. Wooden fasteners: PEGS
2. Sport requiring snow: SKIING
3. Slight stain: TINGE
4. Fitting closely: SNUG
5. Adjustable twisting tool: WRENCH
6. Pinnacle: PEAK
7. Take no notice: IGNORE
8. Putting a question: ASKING
9. Bunch of pals: GANG
10. Opposite of Alpha: OMEGA
11. Illness, disease: MALADY
12. Secret store: CACHE
13. Young foreign nanny: AUPAIR
14. Played a part: ACTED
15. Tribe, family: CLAN
16. Singer-songwriter Mr Diamond: NEIL
17. Written code: CIPHER
18. Used for seeing: EYES
19. Think highly of: ADMIRE
20. Topped (a cake): ICED

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