Puzzle Page Crossword August 1 2019 Answers (All in one page)

If you need answers for Puzzle Page Daily Crossword August 1 2019 we are sharing below. We published photo with answers and all answers also below photo. Enjoy!

1a. Deprive of weapons: DISARM
1d. Every 24 hours: DAILY
2. Sweet-smelling: SCENTED
3. Out of the ordinary: RARE
4a. Small flaps: TABS
4d. Lure with promises: TEMPT
5. With sorrow: SADLY
6. Frozen sweet treat: ICECREAM
7. Abominable snowman: YETI
8. Cleopatra’s Roman lover: ANTONY
9. Commissioned rank: OFFICER
10a. Really new and exciting (inf): REDHOT
10d. Jewish teacher: RABBI
11. Didn’t like at all: HATED
12. At great distance: AFAR
13. Proportion: RATIO
14. Build right next to: ABUT
15. Striped pet: TABBYCAT
16. Frosted: ICED
17. Component set (abbr): STEREO

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