Puzzle Page Challenger September 6 2019 Answers (All in one page)

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1a. Not ready: UNPREPARED
1d. Feeling of resentment: UMBRAGE
2. Chaste: PURE
3. Fly by, march on (time): ELAPSE
4. Firmly fastened like ship: ANCHORED
5. Super-achievers: ELITE
6. Secret meeting: ASSIGNATION
7. Tent’s waterproof flooring: GROUNDSHEET
8. Vast northern Russian region: SIBERIA
9. Town’s official proclaimer: CRIER
10. Mosque leader: IMAM
11. Scandinavian capital: OSLO
12. Native Australian bird: EMU
13. Wedge-shaped brick at top of arch: KEYSTONE
14. Desired, had to have: NEEDED
15. Thawed: MELTED
16. Play with idly: TWIDDLE
17. No longer practising: LAPSED
18. Hot beverage: TEA
19. The letter H: AITCH
20. Narrow wood strip: SLAT
21. Wears a religious turban: SIKH
22. Unit of type: PICA
23. Exceed, surpass: OUTDO
24. Winding pin: SPINDLE
25. Well-worn (of cloth): THREADBARE

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