Puzzle Page Challenger September 22 2019 Answers (All in one page)

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1a. Act of marriage: WEDDING
1d. Crisp batter cake with toppings: WAFFLE
2. Witty, wry: DROLL
3. International security organization (abbr): NATO
4. Encourages, boosts: BUOYS
5. Massive, imposing building: EDIFICE
6. Ridges (on skin): WELTS
7. Tone down, moderate: SUBDUE
8. Movement of water: FLOW
9a. Sodden: SOGGY
9d. Read quickly: SCAN
10. Carrier for clubs: GOLFBAG
11. Pale pinkish violet: LILAC
12. From Switzerland: SWISS
13. Sausage in a roll: FRANKFURTER
14. Welsh cheesy snack: RAREBIT
15. Dress: ROBE
16. Bequest: LEGACY
17a. Pluck stringed instrument: STRUM
17d. Powdered tobacco: SNUFF
18. Native New Zealander: MAORI
19. Courageous: BRAVE
20. Expert, capable: ADEPT
21. Simple non-flowering water plants: ALGAE
22. Once more, afresh: ANEW
23. Colossal: MEGA
24. Male religious house: FRIARY
25. Dark hued: SWARTHY

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