Puzzle Page Challenger September 13 2019 Answers (All in one page)

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1a. Intrude: INVADE
1d. Stalactite: ICICLE
2. 17th century master Dutch painter: VANDYKE
3. Sew to mend hole: DARN
4. Donated and stored in a bank!: PLASMA
5. Highly commendable: LAUDABLE
6. Novels set in the future (abbr): SCIFI
7. Yes, Captain!: AYEAYE
8. Passed over, unheeded: IGNORED
9. Sip, nip: DRAM
10. Band together as one: UNITE
11. Produces eggs: LAYS
12. Disaster: CALAMITY
13. Religious speaker: PREACHER
14. Makes mistake: ERRS
15. Pat, fluent: GLIB
16. Beginning to bloom: BUDDING
17. Shortness of breath: ASTHMA
18. Impressive: EPIC
19. Home to Denali mountain: ALASKA
20. Dutch drink distilled from potatoes: SCHNAPPS
21. Harness, tether: HITCH
22. Person greatly admired: IDOL
23. Stove, cooker: OVEN
24. Escape door: HATCH
25. Non-military clothes (inf): CIVVIES
26. Attach, fasten: ADHERE
27. Conundrum, puzzle: ENIGMA

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