Puzzle Page Challenger October 6 2019 Answers (All in one page)

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1. Supportive, reassuring: ENCOURAGING
2. Fool, nincompoop (inf): NINNY
3. Misfit: ODDBALL
4. Triumphant expression: AHA
5. Have in mind: INTEND
6. Lubricated: GREASED
7. Confused in the mind: ADDLED
8. Ate formally: DINED
9a. Woodland symbol of England: OAKTREE
9d. No longer current: OUTOFDATE
10. Pillage: LAYWASTE
11. Use it to smell: NOSE
12. Wetness on grass: DEW
13. Uncovered, laid bare: EXPOSED
14. Raises up: LIFTS
15. Motorcycle addition for passenger: SIDECAR
16. Bustle, hoo-ha: ADO
17. Insult someone: OFFEND
18. Modifies, improves: AMENDS
19. Tinned meat product: SPAM
20. Wrist restraining device: HANDCUFF
21. Partnership, match: UNION
22. Idiotic, inane: ASININE
23. Military officer without a commission (abbr): NCO
24. Breed of Scottish terrier: CAIRN
25. Devising, pioneering: DISCOVERING

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