Puzzle Page Challenger October 4 2019 Answers (All in one page)

If you need answers for Puzzle Page Challenger October 4 2019 we are sharing below. We published photo with answers and all answers also below photo. Enjoy!

1a. Innumerable, diverse: MYRIAD
1d. Fungal plant growth: MILDEW
2. Retaliated, responded: REACTED
3. Shaft, support: AXIS
4. Healthy, strong: ROBUST
5. Follows orders, docile: OBEDIENT
6. Physically unsound: UNFIT
7. Frozen Arctic plain: TUNDRA
8. Bending, tipping over: LEANING
9. Urge, incite: GOAD
10. Petite, devilish: ELFIN
11. Takes in food: EATS
12. Container: CANISTER
13. Make unstable: UNSETTLE
14. Puts on clothes: DONS
15. Obstacle, problem: SNAG
16. Scientific study of the earth: GEOLOGY
17. Practical, helpful: USEFUL
18. Leg, for example: LIMB
19. Cross-breed, blend: HYBRID
20. European country bordering Italy: SLOVENIA
21. Actor’s highlight?: OSCAR
22. Fuselage of vehicle: BODY
23. Vapid: DULL
24. Cut surface of gemstone: FACET
25. Lady’s bedroom: BOUDOIR
26. Weightier, more portly: LARGER
27. Had fun with friends: PLAYED

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