Puzzle Page Challenger October 18 2019 Answers (All in one page)

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1a. Awkward person (inf): BUMBLER
1d. Inheritance, gift: BEQUEST
2. Demi, actress: MOORE
3. 366 days: LEAPYEAR
4. Tradition, ceremony: RITUAL
5a. Drink to, salute: TOAST
5d. To mark off: TICK
6. Fauna, wildlife: ANIMALS
7. Not loose: TIGHT
8. Fixed number: QUOTA
9. Marking as correct: TICKING
10. Daily: EVERYDAY
11. Manner of walking: GAIT
12. Place of healing: HOSPITAL
13. Large tropical bird: TOUCAN
14. Steal the show: UPSTAGE
15. Calm, unruffled: POISED
16. Trembly, frail (person): DODDERY
17. Struggled, wrestled with: FOUGHT
18a. Craving, hankering: LUST
18d. Opposite of stay: LEAVE
19. Took part, challenged: COMPETED
20. Sixties dance craze: TWIST
21. Sly, tricky: WILY
22. Subsiding, moderating: ABATING
23. Baloney, worthless: TRIPE
24. Fierce opponent: ENEMY
25. War and Peace author: TOLSTOY

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