Puzzle Page Challenger July 19 2019 Answers (All in one page)

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1. Wonder how they live?: OTHERHALF
2. Incident, happening: EPISODE
3. Display (a picture): HANG
4a. Exceptional, scarce: RAREST
4d. Go over story again: RECAP
5. Haphazardly: RANDOMLY
6. Conveyor-belt food: SUSHI
7. Shoe-rapping art form: TAPDANCE
8. Refuge: NEST
9. Flag showing nationality: ENSIGN
10. Computer boffin (inf): NERD
11. Rapture, ecstasy: EUPHORIA
12. Promote (a product): ADVERTISE
13. Keep secret: HIDE
14. Parade ground order: EYESLEFT
15. Kept watch on: EYED
16a. Musical rise and fall: LILT
16d. Fibs: LIES
17. Completely: TOTALLY
18. Worn by oxen: YOKE
19. Realistic, possible: FEASIBLE
20. Endure, continue: EXIST
21. Food, fare: BREAD
22. A little mouse!: STUART
23. Halfwit, dunce (inf): TWIT
24. Go headfirst: DIVE
25. Mythological owner of a weak heel!: ACHILLES
26. Officially said: STATED

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