Puzzle Page Challenger August 23 2019 Answers (All in one page)

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1. Flower component: PETAL
2. Serious-minded, keen: EARNEST
3. Extent, size: AREA
4. Having continuous pain: ACHING
5. Revising hard, swotting (inf): CRAMMING
6. Advice, comment: INPUT
7. Film starring Ben Kingsley (1982): GANDHI
8. Concede: ADMIT
9. Repaired by sewing: DARNED
10. Moisten: DAMPEN
11. Wednesday, perhaps: MIDWEEK
12. Single article: ITEM
13. A bad fit: MISMATCH
14. Protector, champion: DEFENDER
15. Korean martial art: TAEKWONDO
16. Grows from an acorn: OAKTREE
17. Farming involving crops: ARABLE
18. Informer (inf): SNEAK
19. Cashed in coupons: REDEEMED
20. Natural pile of snow: DRIFT
21. Related by blood: AKIN
22. Raised red skin patch: HIVE
23. Slatted window shades: BLINDS
24. Range of mountains: SIERRA
25. Obtain under duress: EXTORT
26. They’re in your DNA!: GENES

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