Puzzle Page Challenger August 16 2019 Answers (All in one page)

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1. Game played on a walled court: RACKETS
2. Put on view: DISPLAY
3. Tiny ear-bone: ANVIL
4. Fairness, redress: JUSTICE
5. Restore dial to zero: RESET
6. Swiftness: SPEED
7. Foreigners, strangers: ALIENS
8. Prepare musical instrument: TUNEUP
9. Distress, concern: AGITATION
10. Rudyard, author: KIPLING
11. Message, thread: THEME
12. The one over there: THAT
13. Walking cane: STICK
14. Person in the know: INSIDER
15. Small attached bathroom: ENSUITE
16. Went back, withdrew: RECEDED
17. Harmony, collaboration: UNITY
18. Opposite of many times: ONCE
19. Overhead: ABOVE
20. Quick witted, clever (inf): SMART
21. Clear jelly: ASPIC
22. All-time-favourite Disney film: BAMBI
23. Unusual, not well-known: OBSCURE
24. Au fait with: VERSED
25. Righteousness, integrity: VIRTUE

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