Puzzle Page Challenger August 11 2019 Answers (All in one page)

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1. Mischievous but amusing child (inf): SCAMP
2. Sign of Chinese zodiac: HORSE
3. Improvise performance: ADLIB
4. Capital funds, holdings: ASSETS
5. Home of flamenco: SPAIN
6. Small aperture in door: PEEPHOLE
7. Breathing space: INTERVAL
8. Stupid, idiotic (inf): CLODDISH
9. Raised lumps (on skin): WELTS
10. Failed to go off: MISFIRED
11. Trill, sing: CHIRP
12. Bystander, witness: ONLOOKER
13. Build-up muscles: PUMPIRON
14a. Residue from volcanic eruption: ASH
14. Rearward: AFT
15. One-legged jump: HOP
16. Flood, submerge: ENGULF
17. Lubricant container: OILCAN
18. Upper surface: TOP
19. Boy who asked for more!: OLIVER
20. Lathery: SOAPY
21. Kidneys, liver etc: OFFAL
22. Pass out: FAINT
23. Many a time: OFTEN
24. Common folk (inf): RIFFRAFF
25. Steer clear of, edge round: SKIRT
26. Person held in custody: DETAINEE
27. Twist, contort: WRING

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