PUBG Mobile Tricks, Solutions

We will share some tricks for PUBG Mobile game today. We likes clear games and dont like cheats, so we will share some tricks and advice for better playing. We have very much experience in PUBG Mobile and generally being last one ๐Ÿ™‚ So, our advice for players:

1- Choose lonely place for landing:

Most people choose villages for landing for find guns and bullets etc. easy. But there is a big mistake. Many player choose same place likes you and compete for guns. So if they landing before you or find gun before you, you will not have any luck for be alive. Choose lonely place and visit small homes. You will find guns and others anyway, and after all choose way to center of the game area. You can add mark to points and when you bale out you can fly about 2 km on the sky.

2- Find assault riffles and scopes:

Scopes with assault riffles better than usual sniper guns. Assault riffles magazines have more bullets. Assault riffles have also faster shot.

3- Keep calm and listen enemies steps:

Best way to kill enemies in PUBG, specially in crowded areas, keep calm and open voice speaker or headset and listen steps. In this case you will eliminate many enemies. Also you need to be careful about noise. Dont make much noise and always be clear-eyed.


4- Find car and go to your team members:

If you have own team its good, move together. But if you have mind move together with team which game matched you forget immediately. 90% of random matched team members noob. Don’t bale out with them. Like we said up, go to lonely place as lonely. And follow steps, 5-10 mins later check maps which team members alive and still continue to play. After you can find car and go for collect them. 99% of team members will follow your car. After take them all and go to center of game area.


5- Check map and think where will be last point:

Check center of game areas circle and find hill and trees there. Hide yourself and wait to enemies. They must came to you and you need to be ready for them. Make them happy with your shoots ๐Ÿ™‚


(Will be updated soon)

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