Polemology: the study of ___ crossword clue NYT

NY Times is the most popular newspaper in the USA. New York Times subscribers figured millions. They share new crossword puzzles for newspaper and mobile apps every day. We are sharing the answer for the NYT Mini Crossword of August 19 2022 for the clue that we published below.


Polemology: the study of ___




  • a conflict carried on by force of arms, as between nations or between parties within a nation; warfare, as by land, sea, or air.

  • a state or period of armed hostility or active military operations:The two nations were at war with each other.

  • a contest carried on by force of arms, as in a series of battles or campaigns:the War of 1812.

  • armed fighting, as a science, profession, activity, or art; methods or principles of waging armed conflict:War is the soldier’s business.

  • active hostility or contention; conflict; contest:a war of words.

  • aggressive business conflict, as through severe price cutting in the same industry or any other means of undermining competitors:a fare war among airlines; a trade war between nations.

  • a struggle to achieve a goal:the war on cancer;a war against poverty;a war for hearts and minds.

  • Cards.

  • a game for two or more persons, played with a 52-card pack evenly divided between the players, in which each player turns up one card at a time with the higher card taking the lower, and in which, when both turned up cards match, each player lays one card face down and turns up another, the player with the higher card of the second turn taking all the cards laid down.

  • an occasion in this game when both turned up cards match.

  • Archaica battle.

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The New York Times, directed by Arthur Gregg Sulzberger, publishes the opinions of authors such as Paul Krugman, Michelle Goldberg, Farhad Manjoo, Frank Bruni, Charles M. Blow, Thomas B. Edsall. Dean Baquet serves as executive editor.

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