How to play PUBG Mobile on Mac (100% Working)

After spend a long time i found best android emulator for play PUBG Mobile on Mac OS. This emulator built by a Chinese company and emulator’s language is Chinese but you can change on settings. So i will explain how to manage setup and settings. Lets start:

Android emulator developed by Mumu (for Mac and Windows). I am sharing Google Drive link for download below. Also you can download latest version from official website:

Google Drive link:

1- Download Mumu Emulator. (Links above)

2- Click blue button (below)

3- Automatically will start download. (about 282 mb)

4- After download follow blue buttons and finish setup. Emulator will come with Chinese language. Find settings icon (cogwheel) and open settings page. You can find world icon like ball (below in red circle). Choose your language.

5- Find “KK Helper” in settings box. It will setup Google Play app and you can download PUBG or other games.

6- After setup Google Play, download PUBG Mobile to your emulator.

7- PUBG will check updates automatically.

8- You can login to your PUBG Mobile account.


9- PUBG automatically detecting emulator users. So you will only be paired with players who using emulators.


10- Mumu emulator support very high graphic options.

11- If you want play with mouse and keyboard, you need to go controls page. Click keyboard icon under emulator and set your buttons for play.

If you stuck any step please ask help in comments. I will try help immediately. Enjoy!


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  1. Thanks for writing this article/Post.

    This is the only method that works for Mac Os so far. Although, I have to restart the application once or twice but in the end it worked.
    I am trying to figure out how to setup the keyboard. Would like you to write an article about the same If possible.

    Kind regards.

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