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Green Monopoly purchase crossword clue NYT

NY Times is the most popular newspaper in the USA. New York Times subscribers figured millions. They share new crossword puzzles for newspaper and mobile apps every day. We are sharing the answer for the NYT Mini Crossword of September 9 2022 for the clue that we published below.


Green Monopoly purchase



  • a building in which people live; residence for human beings.

  • a household.

  • (often initial capital lettera family, including ancestors and descendants:the great houses of France; the House of Hapsburg.

  • a building for any purpose:a house of worship.
  • a theater, concert hall, or auditorium:a vaudeville house.
  • the audience of a theater or the like.
  • a place of shelter for an animal, bird, etc. (usually used in combination):a doghouse.
  • the building in which a legislative or official deliberative body meets.
  • House, the body itself, especially of a bicameral legislature:the House of Representatives.
  • a quorum of such a body.
  • (often initial capital lettera commercial establishment; business firm:the House of Rothschild; a publishing house.
  • a gambling casino.
  • the management of a commercial establishment or of a gambling casino:rules of the house.
  • an advisory or deliberative group, especially in church or college affairs.
  • a college in an English-type university.
  • a residential hall in a college or school; dormitory.
  • the members or residents of any such residential hall.
  • Informala brothel; whorehouse.
  • house music.
  • Britisha variety of lotto or bingo played with paper and pencil, especially by soldiers as a gambling game.
  • Also called parish .Curlingthe area enclosed by a circle 12 or 14 feet (3.7 or 4.2 meters) in diameter at each end of the rink, having the tee in the center.
  • Nauticalany enclosed shelter above the weather deck of a vessel:bridge house; deck house.
  • Astrologyone of the 12 divisions of the celestial sphere, numbered counterclockwise from the point of the eastern horizon.

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