Divide 50/50 crossword clue NYT

NY Times is the most popular newspaper in the USA. New York Times subscribers figured millions. They share new crossword puzzles for newspaper and mobile apps every day. We are sharing the answer for the NYT Mini Crossword of September 1 2022 for the clue that we published below.


Divide 50/50




  • the act of splitting.

  • a crack, tear, or fissure caused by splitting.

  • a piece or part separated by or as by splitting.

  • a breach or rupture, as between persons, in a party or organization, etc.

  • a faction, party, etc., formed by a rupture or schism.

  • an ice-cream dish made from sliced fruit, usually a banana, and ice cream, and covered with syrup and nuts.

  • Also called, especially Britishnipa bottle for wine or, sometimes, another beverage, containing from 6 to 6½ ounces (170 to 184 grams).

  • a bottle, as of soda, liquor, etc., which is half the usual size.

  • a strip split from an osier, used in basketmaking.

  • Masonrya brick of normal length and breadth but of half normal thickness, used to give level support to a course of bricks laid over one not level.

  • Often splits . the feat of separating the legs while sinking to the floor, until they extend at right angles to the body, as in stage performances or gymnastics.

  • the amount of time it takes to complete a portion of a race, as a leg of a relay race, a lap of a track, half of a marathon, etc.:Our anchor faded over the last 50 meters of his split, and we missed the podium by six-tenths of a second.

  • Bowlingan arrangement of the pins remaining after the first bowl in two separated groups, so that a spare is difficult.

  • Philatelybisect (def. 5).

  • one of the layers of leather into which a skin is cut.

  • the act of splitting a stock.

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NY Times says:

Since the launch of The Crossword in 1942, The Times has captivated solvers by providing engaging word and logic games. In 2014, we introduced The Mini Crossword — followed by Spelling Bee, Letter Boxed, Tiles and Vertex. In early 2022, we proudly added Wordle to our collection. We strive to offer puzzles for all skill levels that everyone can enjoy playing every day.

The New York Times, directed by Arthur Gregg Sulzberger, publishes the opinions of authors such as Paul Krugman, Michelle Goldberg, Farhad Manjoo, Frank Bruni, Charles M. Blow, Thomas B. Edsall. Dean Baquet serves as executive editor.

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